Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you inspect my investment property?
As a rule of thumb, up to four times a year, plus ingoing and outgoing inspections when there is a tenant changeover. There is no charge outside the regular quarterly inspections. You will be provided with a comprehensive report plus personalised input.


What happens with water charges?
Although tenants are required to pay for metered water, it is easier, in the first instance for the owner to pay, and we then pass the amount on to the tenant and your account will be credited. This saves the water being restricted for possible non payment.


How do you monitor possible arrears?
The first thing we do every morning is process the rent statement and know immediately if a tenant has not paid.
We are swift to contact the tenant and follow the legal process required the same day. Usually, a phone call is all it takes!


How and when are we paid?
Payment of rent from the previous month received by us, less fees, will be transferred into your nominated bank account on the first working day of each month. If required, we can provide you with bi-monthly payments.


What do I do about the lawns and gardens?
Under the Act, lawns and gardens are to be kept in a “reasonable condition” by the tenants. If your property has a large section it may be prudent to have a prune/spruce up annually – we are very good at negotiating issues like
this with tenants!


How much notice do I have to give the tenant(s) to vacate my property?
If you or your family member wish to move in, then you have to give 42 days notice. For any other reason, unless they have broken tenancy laws, you must give 90 days notice.


What standard of cleanliness can I expect when a tenant vacates my property?
According to tenancy law, a tenant has to leave a property in a “reasonably clean and tidy condition” – which, of course, is very open to interpretation. This is where the negotiating skills of an experienced property manager is invaluable in bringing bring both sides together to agree on what is an acceptable standard.


What standard of service can I expect from Barnard Property Management?
Through our communication, care and skill… we give the very best of ourselves to our clients.


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